I know we're not all vegetarians for the animals, but...

The pigs need more room!!! Please donate!!! Every little bit helps! Pigs Peace is looking for more land to do even more good! Donna has offered to shave her head if we can raise the $180,000 needed to buy more acreage next door, but I figure, we can probably let her off the hook on that one. Email dgonder@comcast.net for more details or to send in your check as a donation. We'll find out about online donations shortly. www.pigspeace.org if you're interested in learning more about the organization.
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Disney World!

I was in Disney World this summer and found that they are pretty good with the vegetarian options. The Sci-Fi Dine In Theater (in Hollywood Studios) has an awesome Seared Tofu with mango glaze, and there were veggie burgers available at the counter service type places. Overall, I think everywhere we ate, both in the parks and hotels, had a vegetarian choice. And not just a portabella mushroom!! (I appreciate the effort of the stores that do that, but I hate mushrooms!)

So, just wanted to share the good news. It's probably not news, but I was pleasantly surprised.
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I have an old fashioned grandmother. An old fashioned grandmother who believes in brisket and 50s dresses and girls wearing pink and stuff. She's also against vegetarianism, and my homeschool teacher. Can you see where this is going?

Almost every day randomly in the middle of a HISTORY lecture, she'll say "HUMANS ARE NOT VEGETARIANS. THEY SHOULD NOT BE VEGETARIANS." and then something about how animals are below us and crap which irritates the hell out of me. >_<

She keeps on trying to get me to quit, all "YOU GET SICK BECAUSE YOU ARE VEGETARIAN SO YOU SHOULD STOP" (chyeah, y'know, that meat, it totally makes your ammune system better) and when I said "I'll think about it" as a sarcastic dismissal, and then when I said "No, I don't want meat thanks" to her she was all "I THOUGHT YOU QUIT!" and I was like "no..O_O" and then she was all dark, angry fumes. She even said that if I was vegan that we (as in my family) would "disown" me (though I can't see how she can, she's only my grandmother. o_0)



Hi all! My name is Arianna i'm 16 and I have been a vegetarian for a little over a month now, but I havent been eating red meat for about a year now.  I'm just wondering how long some people here have been veggies and what are some things you guys eat day to day. My sister is a new vegan and had been a vegetarian for a couple years so I have to to help me out but I'd like to hear what you guys have to say too. 
Also, my parents are 0% supportive to both my sister and myself. I was wondering if any of your parents are like that and how you deal with it.  It would mean a lot if you guys could give me some advice on how to deal with it. 
Thanks so much!

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Veg Travel

Hello! Just starting a new community that I think some of you here may be interested in! It is called veg_travel

From the info page:

"This community is for people who like to eat veg and who also like to travel.

Post about your travels, specifically any vegetarian or vegan friendly restaurants you've enjoyed!

You may also post about veg restaurants in your home town, so that anybody traveling there will know about it!

Pictures welcome but not necessary."

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join!
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Vegetarian parents are selfish?

I just had discussion with my mother that ended up nasty.

We were just making lunch (vegetarian risotto) and then she started talking how I have to make a base for preparing vegetables and meat and fish. I said I don't care about fish and meat base because I don't intend on preparing it, since I'm vegetarian. She said that I'll have to learn, how will I be able to prepare food for my family?
I replied that I will prepare only vegetarian food for my kids and if my husband/partner wants to eat meat, he'll have to make it himself. My kids will not be forbidden to eat meat, I just won't prepare it in my home. Their father could make it for them, eat it in restaurants or they can buy it and prepare for themselves.

My mother was shocked and enraged by this statement. She said I'm a selfish person and that if I loved someone and wanted to make them happy I'd do that for them. She never liked some kinds of meat but she'd prepare it for her husband if he asked her too.

She said that by giving your child all kinds of food you give them choice to become what they want when they grow up.

Her: "When you were a kid I was making you food that you liked because I love you."
Me: "Then why you kept giving me meat when I cried I don't want to and don't like it?"

You see? Because in most cases we all have to eat what's on the table, right? Not really allowed to be picky.

Her: "What if I never made any vegetables for you and only meat?"
Me: "I don't think there are people in the world who's stands forbid them to eat veggies, or that veggies disgust them. Vegetarianism is specific way of life."
Her: "What if your husband loves peas and you like rice, will you only make rice and neglect him?"
Me: "Then he'll make it himself. But I doubt you can feel disgust and be against some other type of vegetable as you can be for meat."
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Ok, this is becoming more of a rant, sorry.

Stay strong, fresh and green! :D
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Hello all.

I am new to this comm. I'm 21 female, australian and have been vego my whole life (my whole immediate family is and I was raised that way). I just wanted to ask the health conscious in this community if they would mind perhaps posting what they ate in a typical day. I have struggled previously with eating disorders and although I have recovered I know that how I eat, although completely vegetarian, is far from normal. I guess I eat similar things each day and am most comfortable eating things I am used to. When I got to work if I take lunch it will typically be a boring sandwich or something. I don't think my eating is too bad compared with most people and I don't eat a lot of junk. I just need more ideas of potential foods I could eat, particularly during the day eg. snacks and lunch. Any ideas or advice would be much appreciated. I was considering going to a dietician although I'm not sure how helpful that would be.

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I've been a vegetarian for about 8 months and I've never been able to get a satisfactory answer to this question:

Are we vegetarians allowed to eat gelatin (which is made out of animal bones)?